My Upstairs Studio

Why I LIVE in Northern Arizona!

This really is the view from my paint studio, upstairs in my home. In the winter at sunrise for just a few minutes the rising sun creates a gold hue that imbues everything. This painting is about that moment. Yellow and gold are healing vibrations. See my online gallery

In the year 2000 I received a cancer diagnosis. My life-long career came to an end and I was faced with the medical solution verses my internal inclinations. After exposure to the first steps of "medical treatment" I "knew" immediately that that was not my path. In a gigantic leap of faith I chose to proceed into the unknown defiant of all medical advice.

I was "ALL IN" as they announce in poker.

     I converted my upstairs into a oil painting studio, to include the latest MAC computer. Outdoors, I responded to my passion for Nature and all things regional by spending as much time as possible in our forests. I became aware immediately that we all live where thousands of indigenous people live before. This is not a museum! The remains of their occupancy here is everywhere in spite of the mistreatment in recent years.

     This recipe became my "place to get well." I painted. I hiked. I studied every form of natural medicine I could discover. I learned about herbs and supplements. I studied meditation and hypnosis. I bought and still use a juicer. I'm still here.

This is the Business of Being Well! Do your research