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Hiking Northern Arizona after rain storms!

The luxurious potential of all vegetation explodes here when precipitation arrives. Subsequently, all wildlife benefits. Then hikers and photographers.

I love the high country of Arizona during this time. Everything turns green. Wildflowers come to life. Featured in this composition is a Palmer Penstemon, Lambert's Locoweed, Mullein and one unidentified growing beneath Ponderosa Pine trees. Of course it is impossible to create a photo composition without something archaeological.


Every Spring after the snow on the San Francisco Peaks melts the grassy meadows where the water drains becomes populated with Wild Iris, aka Blue Flag. When you see them you really know that the seasons are changing. Other species of wildflowers are not far behind. These areas are also filled with deer and elk and rabbit if you arrive at dawn for the viewing.

All things Flagstaff, Arizona  See other wildflowers and native plants.


Baby Great Horned Owls... a few weeks ago...

Deep in the local canyons I find great predatory bird nests used year after year, located in niches, eroded cavates and high ledges. They have been nurseries to new life over the past few weeks and I have been privilege to witness many of them, including Ravens, Crows and smaller birds. Photos of same pop up on my web sites from time to time. 


Today's treasure... incredibly well designed and executed basalt multi room pueblo built organically over a natural escarpment. No vandalism, everything left in place. Felt intimate, even invasive of privacy to be there. Located on high topo mound in sight of many other ruins. Two manos, old ceramics. Many grinding slicks nearby. Paradise! Wolfberries.

No immediate rock art on site although large galleries are nearby.

All things Arizona!


Volcanic Security.

This really amazing prehistoric ruin is located inside a volcanic crater, built between two enormous stones that serve as two of it construction walls. There is also an adjacent room and curved wall as part of this architecture that does not conform with tradition. It is worth noting that I noticed the environment down inside this crater was a micro-climate, hoarding sunlight and moisture and avoiding the wind. Very sophisticated engineering and observation went into this choice for occupation by early farmers.

All things Arizona!

Why I love this place. 

Monsoon Rains make my job and this project a banquet, mixing prehistory with natural history, in northern Arizona. Our luxurious forest! From my hiking journal.

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This plant is most often encountered within steep, relatively well-watered rocky canyons in the Southwest. I first observed it in San Francisco Wash. Now I see it everywhere amongst the drains and canyons where conditions are right. It does need water. This photo shows the early fruit. Later when ripe the olives are black and edible.

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In 1939 while excavating a local large pueblo archaeological site the chief scientist in charge accidentally discovered a buried room which, when explored further, revealed the remains of a prominent prehistoric man who eventually became know by reference as the "magician."

This is because of the treasure trove of artifacts and macaw parrots that were buried with him.

This particular petroglyph is located just east (sunrise) from his grave. I have created an enhanced version to help you see what is apparent when standing in front of it. One wonders,"Does this refer to HIM?"

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