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Excellent hiking and biking mobile camera. Synchronized with Google Drive & Dropbox in my case.

Measuring a phone's camera quality isn't just about photo output. The interface, ease of use and availability of advanced features are all important parts of a great camera experience — and anyone who has a Samsung Note 5 probably knows that it covers all of these bases. It's amazingly easy to launch this camera and take great shots right away, it also has a high ceiling of what you can do if you tweak the settings a bit. At this writing my smartphone is a little long in the tooth, as they say, but it remains the only 16 megapixel device camera I can find. On this web page I am going to explore many of the image related features that I like to experiment with. I hope that you enjoy them all!

Not like the advertisement photos!
Mobile Camera Telescope.       Advertisements for this smartphone attachment appeared everywhere a few years ago starting at the $60 price with discounts to $40. I bought one, being an outdoor guy it was very appealing. Today, they are also everywhere but below $10 each, same exact product. I’ve decided to include my experience in this report. Don’t get excited.
     My first impression was “How practical!” The highly engineered “clothes pin” attachment is pragmatic and probably fits most smartphones. The instructions are simplistic inviting you to try it right away. Everything is going smoothly until you go outside and point it at the mountain. In bright sunlight smartphones are useless for focusing. Too bright. Now you know that the images in the ADs are all fake, doctored to give you an idea of an experience you will never have. At a minimum carry an umbrella. Next, the aiming of the camera is like a high powered binocular, impossible to hold still. And if you could focusing is a challenge. I experimented with several different shots and not one was on target nor in focus. This product takes “trial and error” to new lows.
    I’ve had this attachment for several years at this writing and frankly, I’ve never used it. Great merchandising in a gadget-oriented culture, but useless to do anything with.

Stock 16 MegaPixel Camera:

For comparison’s sake and along this same theme I’ve taken some photos using the on-board camera in both normal and zoom modes. Although The focal length is less compared to an attached telescopic lense the results are quite similar.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Even using Android APPs for a “zoom affect” results are consistence. Outdoor sunlight makes it nearly impossible to focus. Working without a tripod is also difficult for me. Finding my target and staying there for the shot are too difficult for me and I avoid telephoto work with a smartphone. The whole joy of it all while hiking is the simplicity with high results!
Easier to use if you stand in the shade.

This seems to be an appropriate page to write these comments about my experience with a few of these many Android APPs dedicated to using a traditional compass (visually) with an Google Maps within the smartphone. I find the caliber of these very high. Ease of use and accuracy are very good. Even though GPS APPs keep you aware of the direction you are walking, sometimes some simpler and more traditional map/compass engineering are preferred. I recommend them.