Pursuing EV Mobility for my Cargo Bike

Senior appreciation of EV Bikes... the future!

Off on another bike ride...  on my new EV bicycle. Its true what they say, if you have an electric bicycle you are motivated to ride more often and farther. It is healthier after all. I am in my 70s and gentle cardio exercise is better for me than over exertion. It just leads to exhaustion.

This is also another opportunity to create more of my advertising illustration using APPs on my mobile device...  the Galaxy Note Pro 12" digital tablet. Happy Birthday!

Pedal assist for real... EV Bikes

Once again I'm applying my artistic skills to my new EV bicycle. This is the drive train beneath my feet! This digital rendering illustrates the power house that comes with this two wheeled vehicle...  my new alternative transportation.

I've used the artistic APPs on my Samsung Galaxy Pro 12" tablet to render this view of my bicycle's motor/pedal system. It places a "vintage" feeling on top of the latest technology.  I can save you $100 USD on the purchase of any electric bike from EVELO.com. Use this code "JIM505."

Leonardo does Nu Vinci

Combining my mobile device skills, here's a digital illustration of the transmission system from my new EV bicycle. I call it, "Leonardo does NuVinci." In other words, I've used the artistic APPs on my Samsung Galaxy Pro 12" tablet to render this view of my bicycle gear system. If you are a fan of the NuVinci gearing system for bicycles than this is for you. I'm making this illustration available on gift items for my online store.

EV Bicycle - Drive Train

Archimedes was RIGHT. "Give me a place to stand with a lever, and I will move the whole world."

This is my first report from my personal experience with this EV Bicycle, a major investment, the result of considerable deliberation. The engineering that exists in this photo far and away exceeds my expectations and requirements for a power assisted bike that would overcome the many hills in my hometown.

As you can read in this journal I went from a 600w hub motor totally absent of leverage/torque, driven by a 48v 7 amp lead acid battery, to a 500w screw driven motor, driven by a 52v 17 amp lithium battery. In addition the major difference is the fact that this new bike is a mid-drive where the power is driven through the bike's own crank where it can take advantage of the same gears that benefit me. The combined result is a torque-driven powerhouse that gains strength while allowing the motor to operate at high RPM, just like our automobiles.

Vintage Technology

How far we've come in the past decade with bicycle technology. Orville and Wilbur Wright were bicycle builders. Their tools, skills and technology built the first airplanes.

Professional photo of my new EV Bicycle. Detailed reports to follow.

Birthday Present...

Inside this large shipping carton that arrived yesterday is my next permutation of EV Bicycle exploration and research. This well packed model of the bike is here. This entire Mobile Device adventure takes on new meaning. Detailed reports to follow.


Footnote: My research on the mid-drive motor kits put me in touch with two suppliers within the United States. As I continued to ask questions about the product and their service each one in turn ceased to reply. First one and then the other.

Ferreting around I discovered very negative reviews on sites like Amazon where the first supplier also advertises. And in his photo of the kit major pieces are missing.

In this discovery and as a result of their behavior I became cautious about my potential purchase. I also worried about how service would be after the sale. The reviews were brutal.

The result of this is that I changed directions rather quickly and placed my order with another EV company for a completely engineered and assembled bicycle... This EV model with upgraded everything, including the NuVinci transmission. More on this to come.

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