Pursuing EV Mobility for my Cargo Bike

EVELO Bike Ride... GPS on board

"EVELO Discovers Buffalo Park"

To beat the summer heat this morning, and to exercise my newly found hill climbing power, I rode my new EV Bicycle up Cedar Hill to McMillan Mesa and did a full round in Buffalo Park. It was effortless. I got my cardio work out but it didn't exhaust me. I was in control of the gear level and the amount of "pedal assist" motor power I wanted. This is the "Porsche" of bicycles. I am spoiled and at my age its how it should be.

Tailored to this bike architecture. Still floppy.

Trying them on for size, now that the new kickstand is working well. I think that I prefer it to the original.


Follow up: Turns out that I installed the new two-legged kickstand incorrectly. It remained unstable and awkward. A few exchanges of email and mobile photos with EVELO and I was set straight. I made the change and it now works flawlessly. It is clearly my favorite now. Very stable.

More research and experimentation coming regarding the saddlebags...   aka  Panniers.

Balance restored.

I've learned that if I want to use the new panniers I need a two legged kick stand.

When anything is put into these saddle bags the bike falls over, being top heavy.

Today I learned how the stock unit is mounted and how to remove it. It wasn't easy. But patience prevailed and I made the exchange in about 90 minutes. Seems like a durable solution, although clearly a retrofit. I'll be giving it the test of time.

Related photos to follow.

Senior Seating...

Part of the joy of having a bicycle is making it yours... personal. I'm beginning this process now after owning it for a few weeks. First, the bike comes with a high quality saddle (seat). But, as a senior citizen I realize that my behind is bigger than it used to be and lacks that youthful soft tissue. I've acquired and installed a wider softer seat cushion. Big improvement.

Leveraged Electrical Power... My Solution

Conquered!... No longer intimidating.

I ride up this hill routinely now with battery to spare. What I speculated about at the beginning of this exploration does exist. I have evolved past ungeared hub motors to this worm geared mid drive solution. The emphasis is now on power and stamina. I am no longer limited to the topography of my neighborhood.

Sharing the road with bicycles...

Observation from my bike rides... "Sharing the Road with Bicycles" - digital pastel illustration, downtown, Flagstaff, Arizona. Group of cyclists departing for the Grand Canyon. From my journal...  

This is another example of using artistic APPs on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12" digital tablet. These images support this inline report and many of them find their way to my online gift shop as full color imprints on t-shirts, mugs, smartphone cases and more.

It can be done... by EVELO!

Today I conquered, effortlessly, the hill that killed the batteries on my first electric bike (see the earlier pages of this journal).

I have learned to coordinate the power assist level with the lower gears of the NuVinci transmission allowing me great hill climbing. And the best part is that when I returned home from this experiment my computerized display indicated no real use of battery storage. On my previous bike the batteries were dead and I didn't even make it up the hill.

This bike is worth every penny!
The Bicycle Comfort Zone

Digital interpretation / Illustration of the RockShox suspension on the front fork of my new EV Bicycle. Utilizing texture and color to capture the enjoyment of riding this bike. I've recorded my entire journey of building an electric bike and how I evolved from a hub motor on the front wheel to this mid-drive solution.

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