Pursuing EV Mobility for my Cargo Bike

Sun City cargo elegance.

This "Liberty Trike" is making waves on the internet at present. Caught my eye as it is similar in many ways to my first EV bike with cargo baskets. I'm going to keep an eye out for this development. I want to see just how many of my issues they may have solved. Stand by.

Worm gear, strongest lever in the world

EVELO produces hybrid electric bicycles that make cycling accessible to the 99 percent of the population that currently doesn’t bike. Their pedal-assist mode provides riders with power-on-demand that makes it easy to get over hills, deal with headwinds, cover longer distances and arrive at your destination without getting sweaty.

Raising the stem... spine relief.

After 90 days of riding my new bike I became aware that things do not feel as well in my body as they did when I was 25. In my enthusiasm for my new lifestyle I finally realized that I was in denial about the subtle back and neck pain I've been feeling after each ride. Not how it should be.

My analysis yielded the idea that my body at 72 just isn't as flexible as 50 years ago. An exchange of email with the factory about my suspicions led to a referral to this "stem raiser" part. I ordered it at about $25 from Amazon.

Here you see it after the installation. IT IS MY SOLUTION.

The riding comfort is 200% improved. I hope this anecdotal report is a contribution to anyone else with a similar issue. This is fun again!

Romantic Atmosphere

Nestled amongst the tables, chairs and Ivy plants outdoor dining at Josephine's Bistro is this bicycle themed planter. Great addition to this Flagstaff favorite eatery.

FREE at last! In my mind.

Sometimes the love of riding a bike can become addictive! Be kind to these people.

Efficiency version.

The daily efficiency configuration. leaving the lower panniers off, except when needed, leaves me with best result. I have room for basic tools and my digital devices. The entire bag and bracket come off with one release clamp.

Deluxe Cargo Bag Combination. EVELO EV Bicycle

When you buy a deluxe electric bike like this one and it has a pre-engineered battery pack locked into the space above the back wheel, you have limited clearance for traditional rack and saddle bag equipment. This became another challenge for me after solving the kickstand issue.

Foraging around local bike retailer shops I discovered this brilliantly designed "seat stem bracket" that uses a "quick release" to go on and off in a flash. It also provides an extended surface for me to attach two differently designed "Panniers" onto the surface.

Now I have triple the cargo space and when not in use everything collapses away to a smaller space or is removed altogether in a snap. Now that's a cool solution to a bike that accommodates very few saddle bag or basket solutions.

Perhaps I should mention that hardcore cargo bike owners have suggested that this is not a true cargo bike. To me this is like religious bias, its about definitions. Mine is about alternative transportation with the goal of acquiring groceries when needed. This is a total success in that regard. Also, the beam rack is mounted so that it is resting on the frame, increasing the load capacity considerably. Semantics aside, this is perfect for my needs. It does no harm to the integrity of the bike and can be removed easily. Turns out it is my cargo bike.  :-)

Green grass and cool morning air

Since receiving this "Porsche" of bicycles my outdoor exercise has doubled, so have the mental benefits. In good weather I go for a 3 - 5 mile ride each morning. How invigorating! I am no longer limited by local topography... hills. Health benefits alone make this a worthy investment.

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