Pursuing EV Mobility for my Cargo Bike

Rainy Day Bike Ride

Solitude. Rainy Day Bike Ride north of Flagstaff, Arizona. Hiking and biking here is a banquet to the observant person.  Adding an artistic touch to the commonplace. My themes: Prehistory and Natural History. “I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” John Burroughs 1837 - 1921.


Gallery: http://bit.ly/1FdYZfD

50 mile trips fill my mind.

Two wheel classics, nostalgia, remembering my first adult bicycle.#Hiking and #Biking in Northern Arizona with digital devices. Follow my extraordinary online gallery that features photography and digital illustrations from my hiking and biking around #Flagstaff,#Arizona and the environs northeast, including the San Francisco Peaks,#Wupatki National Monument,#SunsetCrater and more. I observe and capture intimate glimpses into the natural history and #prehistory#archaeologythat blend together here. I also interpret regional scenes. I am the #Mobile Device Entrepreneur. Digital images! This is where my best mobile device photos and digital paintings are displayed, available imprinted on today’s most popular gift items.  http://bit.ly/1FdYZfD

Still in Love with it six months later!

WHITE on WHITE... my EVELO Electric Bicycle. On today's mid-day ride just after the recent first snow on the San Francisco Peaks. A little wind chill 35 degrees but the bike is working fine. Save $100 USD on the purchase of any model electric bike from EVELO.com. Use this code "JIM505." Thank you. Jim Thomas, the Mobile Device Entrepreneur.

Framed out of sentiment. Keepsake.

Interpreted onto a canvas texture, the romance of riding a bicycle. Image derived from my journals herein. This is where my best mobile device photos and digital paintings are displayed, available imprinted on today’s most popular gift items.  http://bit.ly/1FdYZfD

This is the Business of Being Well! http://bit.ly/2DFow5d
Lunch break in shade with my Aurora

Perfect Fall day today... I went out on my bike testing my new Galaxy Note 5 smartphone doing GPS mapping. This is just one more activity that I do that fits my definition of being a Mobile Device Entrepreneur. Digital devices performing work on a bicycle. Pretty cool.

Relaxing in the shadow of a pine tree

My electric bicycle sitting on its double kickstand in the shade of a ponderosa pine tree while I took photos of wildflowers and native plants as part of this project. I also did some digital artwork on my tablet while enjoying this peaceful place.

My Ev Bicycle

This project is nearly one year old now, my return late in life to bicycles. Started out as an impulsive purchase of a used bicycle based on my own memories from my 20s. Long distance bike rides were my drug of choice for many years.

Immediately, after going on a few bike rides, I discovered that the physical body (mine) is quite different fifty years later. Lack of familiar strength and stamina caused me to consider alternatives immediately. I didn't want to give up riding a bike but I needed some help.

I'm sure that I visited more than 100 web sites in my discovery of and research into electric bicycles. This journal is the byproduct of that adventure including successes and failures.

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