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WELCOME  Reporting from my perch on my online experiences using mobile devices. Internet Connections for Well Being. Affiliate Marketing for the Common Good. Artistic expression toward lasting impressions using mobile device apps. And avoiding those slippery slopes. I am so impressed with this web site building platform (SimDif) that I've chosen to consolidate reports and images from many of my blogs and journals onto this pristine design solution. Full synchronization between devices works and the app itself isn't crippled. I can complete my work on any device or desktop.

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"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order."

    ...... John Burroughs  1837 - 1921

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The Business of Being Well... Home based income! Today's Economy.

Work in progress, updated nearly every day.  _____________________

One of my oil paintings, donated to the archaeology office at Coconino National Forest.

Sharing my experiences online enterprising with digital mobile devices. Making money with my smartphone, for example. Using image editing apps to create advertisements for communication and promotion. Making a lasting impression with imprinted products that you can customize. Affiliate marketing for the common good.

I am truly walking my talk with these pages and referrals. Hiking and biking in northern Arizona making observations and publishing on this platform.

Mobile Device Entrepreneur

Digital Mobility means that you have it with you all of the time. In fact, look around, so does everyone! And the internet "players" want everyone to connect with everyone. Facebook, Twitter, Google+...  you know the list of "social" organizers. I use Android artistic APPs to enhance many of my images making them more attractive. 

Synchronized Mobility... Recently I was given the opportunity to step up a bit more in technology, giving me more on-board memory, a better camera and more. Yes, a Galaxy Note5 smartphone just came on board. I now have four devices for this project. First experiments show that the GPS apps work perfectly on this phone.

This makes it the best camera I have on any of my mobile devices. Wildflowers and petroglyphs will all look better. :-) As you know, I'm a great fan of cloud storage. Photographs taken on any mobile device are instantly in all my devices and my desktop computer. Of course, the camera and GPS all work without any cellular or WIFI signals. Even the photo APPs work free of these signals, allowing me to do some editing in the field (or in a coffee shop) while on my lunch break. Pretty cool.

As some of you know I come from a background of digital imaging and publishing so I'm fully aware of the value of more pixels in a photo. But, on a handheld mobile device there is a reasonable threshold where you lose more benefits than you gain. High resolution photos require more memory to store and edit. APPs seldom keep your original resolution when you edit and you end up with a smaller picture anyway. There's no point in "soaking" your storage space with a few photos. Besides, most of our snapshots are for internet sharing. Something under 6 megabytes is more than adequate.

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